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our core aims revolve around facilitating seamless international trade. We specialize in both exports and imports, aiming to diversify markets, customize products to global demands, and adhere rigorously to trade regulations.


Prachand Global Private Limited, an export-focused enterprise, seeks to achieve market diversification by entering new countries and regions. Customizing products to meet international market needs, the company prioritizes adherence to export regulations and efficient logistics.

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Prachand Global Private Limited, an import-centric enterprise, focuses on expanding its import market by identifying and partnering with reliable suppliers globally. The company aims to adapt its product offerings to meet domestic demands, ensuring compliance with import regulations and quality standards.

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As an e-commerce seller, Prachand Global Private Limited aims to optimize its online retail operations for success. The company focuses on expanding its product offerings to meet diverse customer needs while maintaining a user-friendly and efficient online shopping experience.

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“Prachand Global, we recognize immense value that each customer prospect brings to our journey.

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“At Prachand Global Private Limited, we take immense pride in our exceptional team. Comprised of dedicated professionals driven by a shared commitment to excellence, our team is the backbone of our success.

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I’m thrilled to share with you a heartfelt decision made by Prachand Global Private Limited. As the Managing Director, it brings me great joy to announce that our company has resolved to allocate 10 percent of our profits to charitable endeavors.

At Prachand Global, we believe in the profound impact that giving back to society can have. By dedicating a portion of our success to those in need, we aim to create a meaningful difference in the lives of others.